We match the inspection process to the part to give you accurate results every time.

ndt testingWhen non-destructive testing methods are used, all the anomalies are found, and most importantly, you get all your pieces back. After the inspection, you will know the limitations of each piece. Repairs and changes (if necessary) can be made with the knowledge of exactly where the problems lie. Whether you have one part or one million, whether they are twelve inches long or twelve feet, we can explore surface and sub-surface discontinuities while delivering accurate results each time.

Non-destructive testing encompasses a variety of technologies. Each of these technologies is designed to ferret out surface and/or sub-surface discontinuities. However, not all NDT technologies are equally good at finding a specific defect. A number of factors comes into play: material of the part, geometry of the part, etc. Designers need to consider what type of defects are likely to occur in the manufacturing process and determine what inspection methods are best suited to discover them. This information should then be incorporated into the spec.

Not sure what method is best for your part? Call us and we’ll help you to determine the best testing technology for your particular part. For on site testing of containment vessels and other structures, Magna Chek has a fully equipped mobile inspection unit that can be brought directly to the job site. We can also design, build and install a non-destructive testing operation in your facility that’s tailor made for your product(s). We will train your personnel to run the operation or run it for you. You’ll save time and money!

Magnetic Particle Inspection

Radiography Inspection

Ultrasonic Inspection

Dye Penetrant Inspection

Eddy Current Inspection

Hardness Testing

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