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containmentWe have proven our success in providing containment and sorting services to automotive, general manufacturing, aerospace and agriculture industries worldwide. Our services, whether performed at your facility or ours, are tailored to meet your needs. Our process ensures you will receive timely, accurate and cost effective results. Our staff of full time experienced inspectors offer some of the most expedient turn around in the manufacturing world. Each technician we assign has been trained in-house on procedures, policies and inspection techniques and consists of highly qualified, experienced personnel who offer a wide range of skills.

We always provide on-site supervisors who are trained in management and quality inspection procedures. Providing continual process and product validation, our operations managers perform systematic audits and process verification while supervisors perform finished product audits. These audits are utilized to assure all inspectors are conforming to the defined job specifications and to assure an effective containment. You may choose to have the product shipped directly to our facility. Our facility has multiple workstations with product shipping coordination and delivery service capabilities. We also provide product staging, repackaging, and assembly and storage requirements. Or we can always come to you!

With up to date equipment and our trained staff, we have the capabilities to meet your needs. We document and deliver status reports that provide a comprehensive audit trail to specific product quality issues to support your continuous quality improvement objectives. Our high quality standards result in 100% product containment and 100% customer satisfaction.

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