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In addition to the many great services we offer, training and consulting is another in our spectrum. We deliver both public and onsite courses as well as customized courses for your business’ specific needs. We have certified instructors with many years of training, consulting and teaching experience.  We can also provide Level III services and consulting.

Registration Fee: Please call 248-597-0089 for registration fee or to register.

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Level 1 Training

General Theory

  • Principles
  • Methods
  • Inspection and Detection of Indications
  • Checks and Calibrations
  • Equipment
  • Test Procedures
  • Detectability of Defects
  • Standards and Specifications
  • Safety Precautions
Specific Theory

Application of the Method and use of Codes, Specifications and Procedures, applicable to the Company, including the relevant control checks.

warehouse co-workers inspecting machineryLevel 2 Training

Includes all Level 1 Training plus the following:

General Theory

  • Testing Procedures
  • Detectability of Defects
  • Interpretation and Reporting
  • Post Test Procedures
  • Basic Production
  • BasicProduction Methods
  • Safety Precautions
Specific Theory

Application of the Method to the Specific requirements of the Company, in particular making reference to those Codes, Specifications and Procedures used by the Company, including the relevant control checks.

Responsible Level III (3) Appointment

  • Nadcap Quality Systems Compliance
  • Digital Radiography and X-Ray Film Conversion
  • Temporary short or long term Certified level I (1) or II (2) Assignments
  • Training and Examinations Meeting NAS410 or SNT-TC-1A Requirements

With extensive history in this field and years of personnel experience in non-destructive testing methods and procedures, we can provide a uniquely qualified to help you. We have a history with Nadcap criteria and audit processes, and we can assist you in the preparation or refinement of accreditation procedures and audits. From preparing detailed procedures to securing customer approvals, our team can provide you with a focused resource to put place NDT solutions in a timely manner. We consider the foundation of every NDT department to be Qualified and Certified personnel. We can also provide short term or long term certified level 1 or level 2 resources to get you through production pressures. With advanced communications we may be able to assign, prepare and qualify personnel to meet your temporary needs. Level 3’s function as instructors, examiners, inspectors and NDT technology integrators, focused on your requirements.

Level III Consulting

Our certified Level 3’s can assist you with the following:

  • Technical Procedure Development
  • NDT Process Implementation
  • NDT Engineering
  • Employee Certification
  • Process Control Documentation
  • Process Auditing
  • Compliance Audit Preparation
  • Qualifying for a Prime Specific Certification
  • Radiation Safety support


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