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Why do non-destructive testing (NDT)?

When you test destructively, you get results from that one piece. That is fine for spot checking or detecting possible trouble in your manufacturing line. But when each piece has to maintain in-service effectiveness, you need Non-destructive Testing. That’s where Magna Chek comes in. Through our utilization of different non-destructive inspection processes, we can discover surface and sub-surface discontinuities and deliver accurate results each time. We use the appropriate non-destructive inspection procedures to find all the anomolies in a part, including those that might not be visible to the unaided eye.

For over 30 years we have combined technology, experience and thoroughly trained personnel to meet the most demanding non-destructive inspection requirements in both of our Detroit area locations. Have a part that is too big or too critical to ship? With our mobile unit, we can come to your facility and test the part at your site.

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non-destructive testing, magnaflux

Magnetic Particle Inspection

non-destructive testing, magnaflux

Radiography Inspection

non-destructive testing, magnaflux

Ultrasonic Inspection

non-destructive testing, magnaflux

Dye Penetrant Inspection

non-destructive testing, magnaflux

Eddy Current Inspection

non-destructive testing, magnaflux

Hardness Testing

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